Mark the Best Option: in May 2018 the Government of India Appointed Former Supreme Court Judge Ck Prasad as Chairman of ____________. - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Mark the best option:
In May 2018 the Government of India appointed former Supreme Court Judge CK Prasad as Chairman of ____________.


  • Press Council of India

  • Unit Trust of India

  • NTPC

  • SAIL



Press Council of India

Concept: Polity Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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The Right of Children to Full and Compulsory Education Act 2009 requires private schools to ensure that - percent of their students come from weaker sections and disadvanliaged groups?

India‘s first Chairperson of Lokpal is:

What is Psephology?

What is the correct sequence of the following movements in chronological order?

1. Civil Disobedience Movement

2. Khilafat Movement

3. Home Rule Movement

4. Quit India Movement

Mark the best option:
The chairmanship/presidency of the UN Security Council rotates among the Council Members

Which among the following is not a standing committee?

The 7th RCEP Inter-Sessional Ministerial Meeting Concludes in __________.

Mark the best option:
The Payment of Wages (Amendment) Bill, 2017 passed in Lok Sabha on February 7, 2017, seeks to amend which Act?

Who of the following does not constitute an exception for  ‘equality before the law’ (Article 14)?

The advisory Powers of the Supreme Court of India imply that:

The first President of the Constituent Assembly of India  established in 1946 was

Rajya Sabha members are elected for a period of

For transfer of an accused person from a foreign State to India  for any offense within India or relating to India is done

The Right to Constitutional Remedies in India is available  to

While a proclamation of emergency is in aeration, the State Government

The maximum penalty that can be imposed by CIC/ SIC under the Right to Information Act. 2005 is

Which of the following is/are listed among the Directive  Principles in Part IV of the Constitution of India?
I. Equal pay for equal work
II. Uniform Civil Code 
III. Small family norm 
IV. Education through mother tongue at primary level

Who among the following was the first Law Minister of India?

Choose the most appropriate option:

The direction to hold floor test to prove majority in the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand, to be held on 10th May 2016 has been given on 6th May 2016, by :

Article ______ of the Constitution of India deals with freedom to manage religious affairs.

Which Article of the Constitution of India directs the State to secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people?

How many members are nominated by the President of India in the Lok Sabha from the Anglo-Indian community?

Who was the first and only acting PM of India?

Who acts as the President of India when both, the President and the Vice-President are unavailable?

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India was held on ______.

A revised version of the 'India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement' was adopted by the two countries under which amendment to the Constitution of India?

Panchayati Raj comes under ______.

Which among the following former Soviet Union Republics is not a NATO member?

Swaraj Party was the outcome of which among the following incidents?


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