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Marbles of Diameter 1.4 Cm Are Dropped into a Cylindrical Beaker of Diameter 7 Cm, Containing Some Water. Find the Number of Marbles that Should Be Dropped into the - Mathematics


Marbles of diameter 1.4 cm are dropped into a cylindrical beaker of diameter 7 cm, containing some water. Find the number of marbles that should be dropped into the beaker so that the water level rises by 5.6 cm.

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Diameter of each marble = 1.4 cm

Radius of each marble = 0.7 cm

Volume of each marble `= 4/3pir^3 = 4/3pixx(0.7)^3 "cm"^3`

The water rises as a cylindrical column.

Volume of cylindrical column filled with water `= pir^2h =pi xx (7/2)^2 xx 5.6  "cm"^3`

Total number of marbles

`="Volume of cylindrical water column"/"Volume of marble" `

`= (pixx(7/2)^2 xx 5.6)/ (4/3pi xx (0.7)^3) `

`= (7xx7xx5.6xx3)/(2xx2xx4xx0.7xx0.7xx0.7)`


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RS Aggarwal Secondary School Class 10 Maths
Chapter 19 Volume and Surface Area of Solids
Exercise 19B | Q 30 | Page 900
ICSE Class 10 Mathematics
Chapter 17 Mensuration
Exercise | Q 16
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