Manuj Bought a Packet of Chips from a Local Shopkeeper and Found that the Ingredients Given on the Label Were Not Legible. He Complained About It to the Company. - Business Studies

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Manuj bought a packet of chips from a local shopkeeper and found that the ingredients given on the label were not legible. He complained about it to the company. The company sent a written apology stating that they will make sure that existing packets are withdrawn from the market and new packets with legible labels are soon made available.

State the consumer right which Manuj exercised.

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The right exercised by Manoj was ‘right to be informed’. In the given case, the consumer, i.e. Manoj, was unable to see the ingredients of the product he purchased. According to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, all consumers have a right to know about the quality, quantity, MRP and ingredients of the products they purchase from the market. Manoj exercised this right to know about the ingredients of the packet of chips he purchased

Concept: Consumer Protection Act 1986 (COPRA)
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