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Management should avoid workers’ participation while making decisions.



This statement is False.

  1. Management should not avoid worker's participation while making decisions.
  2. Worker's participation in decision making allows the organisation to take the right decision at right time.
  3. It also improves the loyalty of the workers towards the firm. If we built the trust among the workers towards the firm then it will be shown through their productivity.
  4. it also provides the higher level authority to improve and develop their talent and skills.
  5. Ultimately, the worker participation in management will lead to a better relationship between labour and management.
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Planning has vital importance in the management process.

Define 'Planning'.

Define ‘Organising’ as a function of management.

Describe any four characteristics of 'co-ordination'.

State the relationship between ‘planning’ and ‘controlling’ functions of management

Answer the following question.
Explain any four features of co-ordination.

What is meant by co-ordination?

Answer the following question.
‘Konark Ltd.’ Is an electronic good manufacturing enterprise situated in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. It is earning a very low revenue in comparison to a competing electronic good manufacturing enterprise, ‘Nova Ltd.’ situated in Mumbai. Both Konark’s and Nova’s operations are affected directly by the investors, customers, competitors, and suppliers, which are unique to their respective locations. In addition to this, individual firms of this field are affected indirectly by the factors like the money supply in the economy, the composition of the families, the technological changes, etc.

1) Identify and state the feature of the concept discussed in the above paragraph.
2) Also, state any four points of importance of this concept.

Isha Machines was a renowned name for quality sewing machines since 1960. Mr Suresh, the owner of Isha Machines, was worried as the production had declined during the last three months. He directed the Production Manager to find out the reason. The Production Manager ordered the different supervisors to prepare a performance report of the workers working under them.

Identify the step taken by the Production Manager that is related to one of the functions of management.

Smita had been working as an assistant manager with 'Johnson Enterprises' for the last ten years. She was very popular amongst her colleagues because of her commitment and dedication towards the work. When the manager senior to her retired, all her colleagues thought that now Smita would be promoted. But to everyone's surprise, the vacant post was filled by an outsider, Mrs Rita. Smita felt demoralised and her performance started declining. She would abstain herself often and could not meet her targets

Mrs Rita was a good leader, who would not only instruct her subordinates but would also guide and inspire them. She noticed Smita's behaviour and felt that her performance could be improved. She started involving Smita in decision making-issues related to the organisation and made her a part of a high-level joint-management committee. Smita was now punctual in office and her performance started improving.

1) Identify the function of management being performed by Rita.

2) Name the elements of the above function of management which helped Rita to improve Smita's behaviour

3) State any three features of the element identified in (ii) above

A company was manufacturing 'LED bulbs' which were in great demand. It was found that the target of producing 300 bulbs a day was not met by the employees. On analysis, it was found that the workers were not at fault. Due to electricity failure and a shortage of workers, the company was not able to achieve the set targets and alternative arrangements were needed. To meet the increased demand, the company assessed that approximately 88 additional workers were required out of which 8 would work as heads of different departments and 10 would work as subordinates under each head The required qualifications and job specifications were also enlisted. It was also decided that necessary relaxation should be given to encourage women, persons from backward and rural areas and persons with special abilities to assume responsible positions in the organisation. All efforts were made to match the ability of the applicants with the nature of work.

a. Identify the functions of management discussed above

b. State the two steps in the process of each function discussed in the above para.

c. List any two values which the company wants to communicate to the society

One of the functions of the management is considered as a base for all functions.

State with reasons whether the following statements are True or False

'Lok Adalat' is one of the effective ways to resolve consumer problems.


State the Importance of Planning ?

Write short notes

Importance of organising.



Directing is initiated at _______________ level.

A function of management where right people are given right job.

Staffing is concerned with _________.

Importance of total quality management.

 State the nature of staffing.

“A successful enterprise has to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.” Explain. 

Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the complete sentence :
A process to establish harmony among different activities to achieve desired result is ________.

Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute the following :
An end function where the performance is evaluated in accordance with the plan.

Distinguish Between the following:
Planning & Directing.

Write short answer of the following :
Write a note on Importance of co-ordination.

Answer the following Question:
Define Directing and explain its importance as management function?

Answer the following Question:
Define and explain the nature of Staffing.

State with reasons whether the following statement is TRUE or FALSE.

Planning function alone can help to achieve organizational objectives.

Match the following words from group 'A' and 'B'

Group 'A'
Group 'B'
(a) Co - operative society
(1) 1986
(b) e- business
(2) Primary function of management
(c) Consumer protection act
(3) Father of modern management
(d) F.W. Taylor
(4) 1956
(e) Planning
(5) Profit objective
(6) Outsourcing
(7) Father of scientific management
(8) Electronic business
(9) End function of management
(10) Service objective

Planning is beneficial to all. In light of this statement, discuss the importance of planning.

Write a short note on : Directing

State Whether the Following Statement Is True Or False (Give Reason).

The direction is always performance-oriented.

State Whether the Following Statement Is True Or False (Give Reason).

Adopting corrective measures is the last step of controlling.


What is meant by co-ordination? State its any four features.

Under which function of management, policies and strategies are formulated?

Which one of the following sequence of process of management is correct?

Under what function of management does the ‘corrective action’ fall?

What out of the following has been called the essence of management?

The Statement “Planning is a primary function”, suggests that ______.

______  is the primary function which runs through all other functions?

______ the process of defining the formal relationship among people and resources to accomplish the desired goals.

Which of the following feature of management states that the management functions cannot be performed in isolation?

Which of the following is an objective of standardization?

Arrange the phases of Project Management Life Cycle in correct order.

  1. Design
  2. Marketing
  3. Analysis and evaluation 
  4. Inspection, testing and delivery

Read the following text and answer the following question on the basis of the same:

Simplex Limited had been taken over by Mundhra Group immediately following India's independence. Since then it enjoys a rich record of industry presence and experience. In 2005, with the aim to accelerate growth the company had gone through several rounds of meetings and discussions before launching ERP system to attract large projects. The management had done effective forecast and critical thinking regarding allocation of resources to reduce wastage. For this purpose, the company had laid down multiple courses of action to meet the challenge of adverse situations. In 2008, the company suffered loss in many projects due to the great recession despite taking many cost cutting measures. The management had taken utmost care regarding the possible outcome and timely review of the plans to achieve the set target during that hard time. In 2010 the system implemented successfully which subsequently helped the company to execute numerous projects with precision and timeliness.

"The management had done effective forecast and critical thinking regarding allocation of resources to reduce wastage." Identify the function of management mentioned here.

In order to make the 'Annual Day' of the school a successful event, the Headmistress of the school segregated all the activities into task groups each one dealing with a specific area. For instance, decorations, refreshments, backstage support, etc. Each group was put under the charge of one teacher. Identify the function of management performed by the Headmistress by dividing the activities and assigning the duties?

'It is that function of management which is considered as the base of all other functions.' Identify the function of management stated in the above lines.

Which of the following activities are associated with 'Mental Revolution' on the part of management and workers?

Which of the following input resources are required by management to complete a task effectively and efficiently:

'The final step in the controlling process is taking corrective action, but when deviations are within acceptable limits no corrective action is required.'

When and why corrective action is required? State.

Himanshu is working as' a ‘Marketing Manager' in 'Suvidit-Air-Conditioners’, a well known brand in the field of air-conditioners. Till last month the company was able to achieve its sales targets. But this month Himanshu observed that targets were not being met and the number of air-conditioners sold was decreasing. He analysed the situation and found that the new salesman appointed last month was not good and for this he took necessary action.

Which of the following functions of management helped Himanshu to identify the decrease in sale?

Directing is the heart of the management process. Give any four reasons to support this statement.


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