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Describe Any Four Characteristics of 'Co-ordination'. - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Business Studies

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Describe any four characteristics of 'co-ordination'.


Characteristics of Co-ordination:-

1. Assembles individuals' contribution:- In an organisation, different people always have varying interests and skillsets. Coordination assembles and combines the contribution of different individuals towards the desired goals of the organisation.

2. Maintains integrity:- Coordination attempts to integrate the performance contribution of human resources and departmental structures to attain the desired results. For example, in a particular organisational structure, all departments, including the Finance Department and Operations Department, rely on coordination to achieve organisational objectives.

3. Repeated continuously:- Coordination is repetitive and continuous. It initiates earlier from the planning process in which the targets to be achieved are determined. Thereafter, coordination comes into play in the process of planning and staffing to make sure that people with the required skillset are employed for the implementation of the plan. Directing and controlling are assisted by coordination to attain organisational goals.

4. Participation of management:- Coordination invites the participation of management at all of its levels. The top-level hierarchy takes its assistance to make sure that the organisation is well-off as a whole. The middle-level hierarchy of managers implement it to make sure that the top and lower levels of management are synchronised. The operational level hierarchy uses it to make sure that goals are achieved as planned.

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Solution Describe Any Four Characteristics of 'Co-ordination'. Concept: Management Functions.
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