Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 10th
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‘Man does change with time’-What were the various changes that came about in Aditya? - English

Long Answer

‘Man does change with time’-What were the various changes that came about in Aditya?

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Solution 1

  • Introduction:
    Twenty-nine years ago, Aditya was a child of a wealthy family. Sanyal and Aditya studied in the same school. Sanyal was always in the first position. Aditya was jealous of Sanyal. One day he took the medal of Sanyal and did not return to him. He told me that he last it.
  • Narrator’s visit:
    The narrator and his friend Aditya had visited Aditya’s village after 29 years. They went to Nagen uncle’s tea shop. They saw green fields on either side of the road. They met Nagen uncle. They had tea and biscuits in Nagen uncle’s shop.
  • Visiting Sanyal:
    They met Sasanka Sanyal there. Sanyal suddenly stood up and began to recite the poem “Panraksha” by Tagore. The narrator noticed a sudden change in Aditya’s face. Aditya wanted to see his ancestral house. After reaching, he went to the attic and searched for a medal. The narrator was confused. They went to the jeweller to find out the weight. Not knowing the narrator asked Aditya to which he didn’t answer.
  • Conclusion:
    They went to Kabiraj’s house where Sanyal stayed. Aditya confessed to Sanyal for his act of stealing his medal. Then only the narrator knows all answers to the questions in his mind.

Solution 2

Title: The Attic
Author: Satyajit Ray
Character: Aditya, his friend, Nagen’s Uncle, and Sasanka Sanyal.
Theme: Every moment is a memory waiting to happen.

The narrator and Aditya visited Nagen’s tea shop. Aditya was surprised to see the strange behaviour of Sanyal. But Sanyal noticed the change in Aditya’s expression. Aditya did not give any reason for it. He collected the details about Sanyal from Nagen’s uncle. He went to his ancestral house.

The narrator thought that Aditya wanted to see his house. He went there and found a medal in the attic. He took it to the jeweller to find out the weight. The narrator asked what it was. He told him that he would know about it soon. Then they went to Jogesh Kabiraj’s house. There they saw Mr. Sanyal. Now the narrator cleared all his doubts through Aditya’s actions.

Solution 3

  1. Aditya visited his village after 29 years
  2. He saw Sanyal at the tea shop
  3. Sanyal recited a poem.
  4. Aditya was shocked.
  5. He visited his old house.
  6. He found a medal in the Attic.
  7. He met Sanyal and paid 150 rupees.
  8. Sanyal refused to take it.
  9. He asked for the medal.
  10. He got the medal and felt very happy.
Concept: Prose (Class 10th)
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Samacheer Kalvi English Class 10th SSLC Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 4.1 The Attic
Exercise | Q B. 2. | Page 99
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