Make a Report on Your Field Visit - Geography

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Answer in Brief

Make a report on your field visit.

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Solution 1

Students should create their own answers. below is just an example.

We started our trip from Naldurg towards Alibag. Our station was Solapur. We critically observed the places on the basis of

  • Relief
  • Vegetation
  • Water bodies
  • Soil
  • Agriculture
  • Human settlement

On the way to Solapur, we saw dry grass and leaves shredded tress and concluded that it possesses the dry deciduous type of vegetation and saw traces of linear settlements. Now we arrived at the plain region of Indapur from the slopes of Balaghat Ranges of Solapur. We saw green vegetation of sugarcane everywhere because of the availability of irrigation facilitated by Ujjani reservoir built on river Bhima. After crossing it, we went climbing the Sinhagad fort from Sinhagad foothills. We observed many physical features like valleys and rocks made from a volcanic eruption. We found Basalt (igneous rock) there. There is also a Khadakwasla reservoir which servers water and a Kalyan Drawaja. After that we proceeded to Alibag, there were slopes of the Western Ghats. They are called Sahyadris, and River Ulhas also flows in that region. Now we went to our final destination Khopoli, also known as Bhor or Khandala Ghat. We saw many teak trees. Because of humidity and more rainfall to the region, paddy fields were observed more there. We saw the Arabian sea and visited Kolaba or Alibag Fort. The fort was built on a wave-cut platform in the water. Agriculture (coconut, jackfruit, etc.) and fishing are the occupations of this place. Then we returned from Alibag to Naldurg next morning. We had wonderful and full of knowledge experience.

Solution 2

Report To a Field Visit at the Greenwich meridian Time

26 August 2018

The students of the Geographical research team of the esteemed institution Mumbai University paid a visit at the Greenwich meridian time which is also been framed as The official time of the World.

Students were initiated with a draft project of the brief overview of Time Management. The various graphs regarding time intervals, their Accurate precisions, the researches made by them, The various estimations of tides, and various latitudes and longitudes information were provided to the students. Briefer History of Time, "Stephan Hawking Famous one" was the return Gifts given to them.

The actual place has resided in Greenland. It is located at 0° meridian

Concept: Report Writing of Field Trip
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Chapter 1: Field Visit - Answer in brief

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