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Make a List of Different Types of Changes with Example. - Chemistry

Make a list of different types of changes with example.

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Different types of changes are as under:

  1. Reversible Change e.g. Melting of ice.
  2. Irreversible Change e.g. Burning of paper.
  3. Periodic Change e.g. Swinging of pendulum.
  4. Non-Periodic Change e.g. Occurrence of floods.
  5. Desirable Change e.g. Ripening of fruits.
  6. Undesirable Change e.g. Rusting of Iron.
  7. Natural Change e.g. Changing of Seasons
  8. Man-Made Change e.g. Changing the direction of flow of a river by dams.
  9. Slow Change e.g. Growth of a plant
  10. Fast Change e.g. Occurrence of lightning during thunderstorm.
  11. Physical Change e.g. transformation of ice.
  12. Chemical Change e.g. curdling of milk.
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