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Make Five Promises to Your Friend Expressing Your Willingness to Do Something. Use Shall/Will - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief
Short Note

Make five promises to your friend expressing your willingness to do something.
Use shall/will
e.g. I shall never be late to school.

Promises to Keep!

Did you Know?
One of the puzzling things in English is to know when to use shall and when to use will.

Whenever we desire to express some command, promise, threat or determination shall is used in the second and third person and will is used in the first person.

You shall receive your prize tomorrow, (promise)
He shall not enter the lab again, (determination)
I will reward her for her diligence, (promise)
I will report to the Principal if you don’t submit your homework, (threat)
I will never use abusive language, (determination)
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  1. I shall always speak to my class fellows with respect.
  2. I shall obey my worthy teachers.
  3. I will never shout at my juniors.
  4. I will always complete my homework.
  5. I shall never make a noise in the class.
Concept: Writing and Grammar
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