Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 11th
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Make a list of words related to agriculture. - English


Make a list of words related to agriculture.

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Words related to agriculture are as follows:

Letter Words
A animals, arid, agrarian, acres
B barn, biofuel, barren, botanical
C cattle, cultivation, crops, chemicals
D drought, development, domestication, drainage
E equipment, erosion, ecology, environment
F farm, fertile, furrow, farmer
G graze, ground, grain, germination
H harvest, hectare, husbandry, harrow
I irrigation, intercropping, insects
L labour, livestock, land
M machinery, manure, materials, mulch
N nutrient management, nature, nitrogen
O overcrop, organic
P pesticide, pollination, ploughing, produce
R reap, region, rear, resource
S seed, sow, soil, sprout
T tillage, tractor, technique, trade
V Vermifiltration
W wool, water, weather, wheat
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