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Solution for Define Magnetic Intensity. - HSC Science (Computer Science) 12th Board Exam - Physics

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Define Magnetic intensity.

What is Magnetic intensity?

Solution 1

Magnetic intensity:- Magnetic intensity is a quantity used in describing magnetic phenomenon in terms of the magnetic field. The strength of the magnetic field at a point can be given in terms of a vector quantity called magnetic intensity (H).

Solution 2

Magnetic intensity: The ratio of the strength of magnetising field to the permeability of
free space is called as magnetic intensity.

The strength of magnetic field at a point can be given in terms of vector quantity called
as magnetic intensity (H).

The SI unit of magnetic intensity is Am−1.

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Solution for question: Define Magnetic Intensity. concept: Magnetisation and Magnetic Intensity. For the courses HSC Science (Computer Science), HSC Science (General) , HSC Science (Electronics)
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