Solution - Give Any ‘Two’ Points of Differences Between Diamagnetic and Ferromagnetic Substances. - Magnetic Properties of Materials



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Give any ‘two’ points of differences between diamagnetic and ferromagnetic substances.


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Which of the following substances is ductile?

(A) Glass

(B) High carbon steel

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Out of the two magnetic materials, 'A' has relative permeability slightly greater than unity while 'B' has less than unity. Identify the nature of the materials 'A' and 'B'. Will their susceptibilities be positive or negative?

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Show diagrammatically the behaviour of magnetic field lines in the presence of (i) paramagnetic and (ii) diamagnetic substances. How does one explain this distinguishing feature?

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An iron rod of area of cross-section 0.1m2 is subjected to a magnetising field of 1000 A/m. Calculate the magnetic permeability of the iron rod. [Magnetic susceptibility of iron = 59.9, magnetic permeability of vacuum = 4π x 10-7 S. I. unit]

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In what way is the behaviour of a diamagnetic material different from that of a paramagnetic, when kept in an external magnetic field?

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