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List three sources of magnetic fields.


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Two long and parallel straight wires A and B carrying currents of 8.0 A and 5.0 A in the same direction are separated by a distance of 4.0 cm. Estimate the force on a 10 cm section of wire A.

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Use this law to find magnetic field due to straight infinite current carrying wire.

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(a) Write the expression for the magnetic force acting on a charged particle moving with velocity v in the presence of magnetic field B.

(b) A neutron, an electron and an alpha particle, moving with equal velocities, enter a uniform magnetic field going into the plane of the paper, as shown. Trace their paths in the field and justify your answer.

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A rod of length l is moved horizontally with a uniform velocity 'v' in a direction perpendicular to its length through a region in which a uniform magnetic field is acting vertically downward. Derive the expression for the emf induced across the ends of the rod.

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A long straight wire in the horizontal plane carries a current of 50 A in north to south direction. Give the magnitude and direction of at a point 2.5 m east of the wire.

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Solution for question: List Three Sources of Magnetic Fields. concept: Magnetic Force. For the course 8th-10th CBSE