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Magnetic Field Does Not Cause Deflection in - Physics

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Magnetic field does not cause deflection in

  • α-rays

  • beta-plus rays

  •  beta-minus rays

  • gamma rays


gamma rays

Magnetic force acts on a charged particle, due to which it deflects from its path. The magnitude of this force is measured as |`vec"F"`| = `|q(vec v xx vec B)|`.

Here, q is the charge on the particle that is moving with speed v in a uniform magnetic field B.
Since alpha, beta-plus and beta-minus are charged particles, they suffer deflection due to the field applied. On the other hand, gamma rays are photons and due to zero charge, they do not suffer any deflection.

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 HC Verma Solution for Concepts of Physics - Vol. 2 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 24: The Nucleus
MCQ | Q: 7 | Page no. 441
Solution Magnetic Field Does Not Cause Deflection in Concept: Radioactivity - Gamma Decay.
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