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Looking at the Deteriorating Air Quality Because of Air Pollution in Many Cities of the Country, the Citizens Are Very Much Worried and Concerned About Their Health. the Doctors Have Declared the Health Emergency in the Cities Where the Air Quality is Very Severely Poor. - Biology

Looking at the deteriorating air quality because of air pollution in many cities of the country, the citizens are very much worried and concerned about their health. The doctors have declared the health emergency in the cities where the air quality is very severely poor.

1) Mention any two major causes of air pollution.

2) Write any two harmful effects of air pollution to plants and humans.

3) As a captain of your school Eco-club, suggest any two programmes you would plan to organise in the school so as to bring awareness among the students on how to check air pollution in and around the school.


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1) Air pollution means any undesirable change in the quality of fresh air.  

Some of the major causes of air pollution in our major cities are:

a) Vehicular pollution.

b) Suspended particulate matter generation due to dust raised by construction activity. 

c) Smoke emitting industries and power plants in and around cities. 

d) Burning of crop residue, garbage, fallen leaves, etc.

2) Effect of air pollution on:

Plants Animals
Decreased rate of photosynthesis due to the dispersal of sunlight as a result of smoke or smog screen formed by suspended particulate matter Decreased respiratory capacity and increased prevalence of respiratory disorders.
Chlorosis or yellowing of plant leaves due destruction of plant chlorophyll. Lower visibility.

3) The two programs are as follows:

  • Organise a seminar for students, teachers and parents to create awareness regarding the harmful effects of air pollution and how it can cause serious health issues to next generation and deteriorate the environment.
  • Organise a pollution-free week monthly in the school where teachers and students will not use vehicles which run on fossil fuels and encourage them to use bicycles or carpool if possible.
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