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Look at the Horoscope Page from a Newspaper. Find Your Zodiac Sign. Imagine that You Have Come to the End of the Week and Nothing Has Happened, According to the Horoscope. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Look at the horoscope page from a newspaper. Find your zodiac sign. Imagine that you have come to the end of the week and nothing has happened, according to the horoscope. Write a letter of complaint to Madam Kiran. Report what Madam Kiran said would happen and then describe what actually happened. You may wish to write something similar to the letter in the example below.

Dear Madam Kiran,

I am writing to complain about your horoscope prediction for Virgo last week.

Firstly, you said that my relationships would be successful. In fact, I had terrible squabbles with my mother and with no fewer than three different friends. You assured me that there would be a new admirer in my life who would make me feel confident about my future. Well, I have a new admirer but he is making my life a misery for me .....

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I requested for his help in a friendly manner. But, he took it otherwise. This has added to my worry. Now I am in a fix what to do.

Secondly, you said that I would enjoy a new closeness or affinity with my husband. But he is still his old self. He is still indifferent and detached. I saw some silver lining in your prediction. But alas ! this has proved all wrong.

Thirdly, your prediction about the money matters proved totally wrong. On the contrary, I have been given an increment in my salary. Also, my husband has been promoted with a big raise in his salary.

I regret that your horoscope predictions for Virgo proved wrong in my case.

Pragya Verma

Concept: Writing Skill
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative Work Book (Interact in English)
Chapter 13 Reported Speech (Integrated Grammar practice 8)
Exercise C | Q 8 | Page 264
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