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Look at the Following Web Chart and Write a Short Paragraph Based on It in About 120 Words. Suggest a Suitable Title : - English

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Answer in Brief

Information Transfer - 

Look at the following web chart and write a short paragraph based on it in about 120 words. Suggest a suitable title :

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Information Transfer :

            Communication – The Human connection 


  Language is a method of human communication, either spoken or written whereas communication is exchanging
the information Language & Communication both are inter-related. For better understanding or functioning communication should be clear & concise. Though effective communication is essential, there are several barriers to effective communication. The major issue is language as we know every country or community has a different language when it comes to speaking or understanding it is difficult for the other person.
 At times, even people speaking same language have difficulty in understanding each other. The second one is time, where in everyone is busy in today's life we hardly get time to talk to each other and on top of that if we are in differnt countries the time zone also matters. Noise is  another barrier as while speaking to anyone if there is any disturbance over the phone, network or internet it interrupts our talks. The next barrier is distance as we all are living in different parts of the world the ways or methods of  communication also differs Eg. We call to talk over the phone, message to chat on different sites or may do a video call using skype or other app using internet. The distance impacts these factors & can interrupt our communication like when we talk while travelling. Distraction is another issue which becomes a barrier to effective communication as while talking to a person if we are distracted the  communication can go on a differnt track or may move out of the topic rather than the actual topic. The other problem is discomfort with the topic like in a conversation if the other person is not comfortable to talk about specific topic it may leave the conversation without any conclusion or of no use. Lastly, lack of interest also hampers the communication like if a person is not interested in your talks he may ignore it or might not be attentive or may get half knowledge & all other possibilities. Hence, for an effective communication all these factors matter and should support an individual in a conversation.

Concept: Writing Skill
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