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Look at these sentences. In the spring, birds of all kinds would flock into the banyan tree’s branches. I would spend the afternoons there. Grandfather, at sixty-five, could no longer climb the banyan - English

Answer in Brief

‘My Favourite Place’

Read again the paragraphs of the story in which the author describes the banyan tree, and what he used to do there. Is there a place in your house, or in your grandparents’ or uncles’ or aunts’ houses, that you specially like? Write a short paragraph about it, saying

  • where it is
  • what you do there
  • why you like it

You may instead write about a place you dislike, or are afraid of.

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My Favourite Place

I have an uncle in Delhi. I go there during the summer vacation. My uncle’s house has a small but beautiful library. It has many books. Among them are the books specially meant for children. There are interesting story books. Whenever I go to my uncle’s, my afternoons are invariably spent in this library. I have already read quite a few books such as Gulliver’s Tales and Farm House. I like this place most because I love reading books.

Concept: Writing
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NCERT English - Honeysuckle Class 6 CBSE
Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree
Writing | Q 1 | Page 138
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