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Look at these sentences. In the spring, birds of all kinds would flock into the banyan tree’s branches. I would spend the afternoons there. Grandfather, at sixty-five, could no longer climb the banyan - English

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Answer in Brief

Look at these sentences.

  • The tree was older than Grandfather.
  • Grandfather was sixty-five years old. How old was the tree? Can you guess?

How old was the tree? Can you guess?

  • The tree was as old as Dehra Dun itself.

Suppose Dehra Dun is 300 years old. How old is the tree?

When two things are the same in some way, we use as … as. Here is another set of examples.

  • Mr Sinha is 160 centimetres tall.
  • Mr Gupta is 180 centimetres tall.
  • Mrs Gupta is 160 centimetres tall.

Mrs Gupta is as tall as Mr Sinha.

Use the words in the box to speak about the people and the things below, using as … as or er than

tall – taller cold – colder hot – hotter
strong – stronger short – shorter  

(Notice that in the word ‘hot’, the letter ‘t’ is doubled when -er is added.)

1. Heights


2. Weight Lifters


3. City Temperatures


4. Lengths


5. City Temperatures


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(a) Zeba is as tall as Rani
(b) Zeba is taller than Ruby
(c) Rani is taller than Ruby
(d) Ruby is shorter than either Zeba or Rani
(e) Zeba is as short as Rani

(a) Vijay is as strong as Akshay.
(b) Anwar is stronger than Vijay.
(c) Anwar is stronger than Akshay.
(d) Anwar is stronger than either Akshay or Vijay.

(a) Shimla is as cold as Gangtok.
(b) Srinagar is colder than Shimla.
(c) Srinagar is colder than Gangtok.
(d) Srinagar is colder than either Shimla or Gangtok.

(a) Romi’s pencil is as short as Raja’s.
(b) Romi’s pencil is shorter than Mona’s.
(c) Raja’s pencil is shorter than Mona’s.
(d) Mona’s pencil is not as short as either Romi’s or Raja’s.

(a) Delhi is as hot as Nagpur.
(b) Delhi is hotter than Chennai.
(c) Nagpur is hotter than Chennai.
(d) Chennai is not as hot as either Delhi or Nagpur.

Concept: Writing
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NCERT Class 6 English - Honeysuckle
Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree
Speaking | Q 1 | Page 135
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