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Long Answer Type Question:

Explain different types of seasons found in India.



Four major seasons are found in India:

  1. Cold Weather Season (Winter): This season occurs in the month of December and lasts up to the month of February. During this season temperature remains cold in northern India because the sun rays do not fall directly in the region. ,
  2. Hot weather season (Summer): This season starts in the month of March and ends in the month of May. During this season temperature becomes very hot because the sun rays fall directly in the region. Hot and dry winds called loo blow during the day time.
  3. Southwest monsoon season (Rainy season): This season is marked by the advent and advance of the monsoon. The winds blow from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal towards the land. They carry moisture with them. When these winds strike the mountain barriers it begins raining.
  4. Season of retreating monsoon (Autumn): This is the season of retreating monsoons. During this season winds move back from the mainland to the Bay of Bengal. The southern parts of India receive rainfall this season.
Concept: Climate
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Fill in the blanks:

The average weather taken over a long time is called __________.

Fill in the blanks:

The two regions of the earth with extreme climatic conditions are_________ and ________.

Indicate the type of climate of the given areas:

Kerala: _____________

Indicate the type of climate of the following areas:

North-east India:_________

Answer the following question briefly:

Which winds bring rainfall in India? Why is it so important?

Tick the correct answer:

During the south west monsoon period, the moisture-laden winds blow from ____________

Fill in the Blanks:

______ in Rajasthan receives least rainfall.

Fill in the Blanks:

Cold weather season remains from ______ to ______

State whether the following sentence is true (T) or false (F).

During the winter season, the sun rays fall directly in the region.

Very Short Answer Type Question:

What happens in the season of the retreating monsoons?

Very Short Answer Type Question:

Name the factors that affect the climate of a place.

Very Short Answer Type Question:

Name the two regions of Jammu and Kashmir which are very cold or freezing cold.

Short Answer Type Question:

Explain cold weather season and hot weather season.

Short Answer Type Question:

Why do we experience regional differences in the climate of India? Explain with examples.

Who am I?

I am not the same at all places.

Why is the climate of Mahabaleshwar cool?

Why is the climate near the sea humid?

______ is generally defined as the average conditions of the weather of a place or a region.

The Weather and climate in different regions vary.

Retreating monsoon wind picks up moisture from ______.

Match the following

1. Winter season Pre-monsoon
2. Summer season June to September
3. Southwest monsoon March to May
4. Northeast monsoon January and February
5. Mango Shower October to December

Assertion (A): Tamil Nadu does not receive much rainfall from southwest monsoon.

Reason (R): It is situated in the rain shadow area of the Western Ghats.

Tamil Nadu receives low rainfall during southwest monsoon.

______ is also known as the retreating monsoon.

Name the Wettest place in Tamil Nadu.

Give Reasons:

East Coast of Tamil Nadu does not receive much rainfall during Southwest Monsoon.

Answer in a paragraph:

Write about the rainfall regions of Tamil Nadu.

Pre-monsoon showers are also known as ______ showers.

Distinguish between the Summer season and winter season in Tamil Nadu.

Give reasons for the following:

Tamil Nadu Government has banned trekking in the state for two months every year (Feb 15 to April 15).

The word Klimo means ______.

Climate is the average atmospheric conditions usually for ______.

The Scientific Study of Climate is called ______.

What are the Controlling factors of weather and climate?

The ______ receive slanting sun’s rays.

The word climate is derived from the word ______ which means inclination.

The climate does not often change like the weather.

Give Reason for the following

The polar regions are extremely cold in winters.

Out of the given definitions, which is the most appropriate definition of climate?

Paheli went to a wildlife sanctuary where she saw dense vegetation of trees, shrubs, herbs and also a variety of animals like monkeys, birds, elephants, snakes, frogs, etc. The most likely location of this sanctuary is in the

Read the following environmental conditions of tropical rain forests.

(i) Hot and humid climate

(ii) Unequal lengths of day and night

(iii) Abundant rainfall

(iv) Abundant light and moisture

Identify the conditions from the above list that are responsible for the presence of a large number of plants and animals in tropical rain forests.

State whether the following statement is True or False. Correct the false statement.

Penguins stick together to fight the cold polar climate.

Why is it difficult to predict the weather of a place while it is easy to predict its climate?

Given below is a list of climatic conditions and some examples of animals. Read them carefully and place the items in the relevant columns as shown.

Penguin, Gorilla, Monkey, Reindeer, Assam, Greenland, Sun does not rise for six months, Hot and humid climate, Days and nights are almost equal in length throughout the year, Winter temperature around –37°C, Western Ghats


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