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Describe the wildlife of India.



Forests are home to wildlife, which include several species of animals and a variety of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, insects, and worms.

The tiger, our national animal, is found in various parts of the country. Gir forest in Gujarat is the home of Asiatic lions. Elephants and one-homed rhinoceroses are found in the forests of Assam. Elephants are found in Kerala and Karnataka. Camels and wild asses are found in the Great Indian desert and the Rann of Kuchchh respectively. Wild goats, snow leopards, bears, etc. are found in the Himalayan region. Besides these, monkeys, wolf, jackal, nilgai, cheetah, etc. are other animals found in our country.

Our country is rich in birdlife too. Peacock is our national bird. Other common birds are parrots, pigeons, mynah, geese, bulbul, and ducks. Several bird sanctuaries have been established to protect different species of birds.

There are hundreds of species of snakes found in India. Cobras and Kraits are important among them.

Concept: Wild Life
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