Long Answer Question: Explain the Monsoon Climate Type Region Under the Following Heads : Three Seasons of the Indian Subcontinent. - Geography

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Long Answer Question:

Explain the monsoon climate type region under the following heads :

Three seasons of the Indian subcontinent.

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There are three main seasons in a year in Indian subcontinent.

  1. The hot, dry season is from March to mid-June. During this period temperature is very high. Sun’s apparent movement is northwards to Tropic of Cancer. The relative humidity is low. The coastal region experiences some relief from the intense heat due to the moderating influence of the sea. Dust storms are very common in the northern region.
  2. Humid warm summer season is also known as the rainy season which is from July to October. The maximum rainfall is concentrated in these months. Due to rain, the temperature is considerably low.
  3. Dry winter season from November to February. During this period North-East monsoon prevails. Winds are dry but over the Bay of Bengal they pick up moisture which is deposited in the south-east Indian peninsula.
Concept: Natural Regions of the World - Tropical Monsoon
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Chapter 20 Natural Regions of the World
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