Long Answer Question: Explain the Monsoon Climate Type Region Under the Following Heads : Air Pressure and Winds - Geography

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Long Answer Question:

Explain the monsoon climate type region under the following heads :

Air pressure and winds

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Monsoon climate type region under :

Air pressure and winds.

  1. (i) The low pressure is strong enough to attract the moisture-bearing winds from the Indian ocean.
  2. (ii) The southeast Trade winds from the Southern Hemisphere are drawn into India as the South-West monsoon winds after they cross the Equator.
  3. (iii) Monsoon areas are affected by high and low-pressure systems due to winter and summer seasons respectively.
  4. (iv) There is a complete reversal of pressure gradients over the Asiatic landmass.
Concept: Natural Regions of the World - Tropical Monsoon
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Morning Star ICSE Class 9 Total Geography
Chapter 20 Natural Regions of the World
Practice Questions | Q 102.2
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