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Long answer question Enlist and explain the important characteristics of a population. - Biology

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Long answer question

Enlist and explain the important characteristics of a population.

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i. The important characteristics of a population are population size, population density, natality, mortality, sex ratio, immigration, emigration, age pyramids, expanding population, population growth forms, and biotic potential.

ii. Some important characteristics of the population are:

a. Population density: Population density tells us the number of individuals presents per unit space, in a given time.


The density of a population is the total number of individuals in that population present per unit area at a specific time.

b. Natality: Natality is the birth rate of a population.

c. Mortality: Mortality is the death rate of a population.

d. Age distribution and Age pyramids:

1. A population consists of individuals of different ages. The entire population is divided into three age groups – pre-reproductive (0-14 years), reproductive (age 15-44 years), post-reproductive (45-85+years)The relative proportion of individuals of various age groups in the population is referred to as the age structure of the population.

2. If the age distribution (percent individuals of a given age or age group) is plotted for the population, the resulting structure is called as age pyramid.

e. Sex Ratio:

Sex ratio is the ratio of the number of individuals of one sex to that of the other sex.

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Balbharati Biology 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 13 Organisms and Populations
Exercise | Q 4.2 | Page 307
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