“Living Conditions Have Been Improving….” Key ——- Number of Children in Secondary School. - English - Communicative

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“Living conditions have been improving….”

——- Number of children in secondary school.
——- Number of people dying from malnutrition.
——- Number of homes with running water.
——- Number of women working outside the home.

Write a report on the changes in living conditions in Medland between 1950 and now. Suggest reasons for these changes. Use the present perfect continuous where necessary. You may wish to use the words in the vertical box above right.

(а) Over the years since 1950 the number of children in secondary schools has been increasing noticeably. This is possibly because the Government has been building more schools.
(b) The number of homes with running water has been rising sharply since 1985, whereas


Over the years since 1950 the number of children in secondary schools has been increasing noticeably. This is possibly because the Government has been building more schools to provide the education at secondary level. The efforts of the Government in providing health education, a meal a day to the children at schools, sanitary conditions and facilities in hospi¬tals and Primary Health Centres, have borne fruits. The people have become health conscious. That is why, there has been a noticeable fall in the number of children and people dying from malnutrition.

The number of homes with running water has been rising sharply since 1985. A large number of people have been getting clean and pure water. This has sharply decreased the cases of water-borne diseases. The number of women working outside homes has been steadily increasing boosting their husbands’ income and rise in their standard of living.

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Chapter 1.1: Verb Forms - Exercises [Page 12]


CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 13 | Page 12


Answer the following question.

Give an appropriate proverb that conveys the message that this poem carries.

Imagine that a Social Worker comes to the abandoned farmhouse to find out what may have happened to the family. She makes the following observations in her note-pad 

Clues Conclusions
empty house  Have they left? Where could they have gone to? 
boulders in the field , leaky barn The owner might not have been a farmer. 
 sealed jars in the cellar  A woman lived there - family short of money left in a hurry 
toys scattered in the yard Something went wrong????? 

On the basis of these notes, the Social Worker presents the facts as she sees them to her Head of Department. Unfortunately, she spills ink on her report. Complete her report. 

When I reached the farmhouse , I saw that the house was empty , which ........ I wondered where they might have gone . .................. the owner was not a farmer , because of the boulders in the field and the leaky barn .............. the family was poor , because I saw several sealed jars in the cellar . Also ............ a woman lived there .  It was obvious she had left in a hurry . what was most touching was that the toys were scattered in the yard . 

Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow by choosing the
correct options.

She sent little Jean to Monseigneur to ask for help.

(a) Who sent little Jean to the Bishop?
(i) Mere Gringoire
(ii) Marie
(iii) Persome
(iv) Marie's mother

(b) Why did she send Jean to the Bishop?
(i) so that he could pray for her.
(ii) as she knew that he was a generous person.
(iii) as she was a greedy woman.
(iv) as she was a poor woman.

Working in groups of four, write a dialogue between 
• A tiger behind bars and a man 
• A man in a cage and a tiger. 

The teacher/ student will read out the Radio programme again. Fill in as much information as you can in the following table. Then exchange information with your partner to complete the table. 
                             RADIO SHOW 

Content of programme  Details 
1. School News  .
2. Jokes  .
3. 'Meet the Teacher'  .
4. Advert Time  .
5. Safety at School  .

Read an extract from the poem New Year Resolution
The priest asked "Son, any new resolution this year"
I said "Father, driving with the
helmet and in first gear",
"That's good, my son, but have you any more?"
"Sure, there are ten, but I shall keep only four".

The first will be never to wipe
the shoe behind my pant
The second will be to say without hesitation "I can't",
The third is to always keep the toothpaste cap on
It's something which I never did since I was born.
The fourth, never to look at your neighbour's hedge
It's that what has brought the envy and the wedge,
The fifth is easy and you can have a ball
Never take from Peter what you have to pay Paul.
The sixth is to hold my head high even under water
Learn simple things of life from the potter,
He moulds wonders out of his two hands
Leaving impression forever on the sands.
Try and compose a poem conveying your resolutions. Let the first stanza be the
The first will be never to yawn
in public be it noon, dusk or dawn.
The second .................. .

Study the words given in the box below and complete the police report. 

4 January, Wednesday 
At 9.15 pm, I was driving along Belvedere Street when I noticed something moving in the (a)_______ On closer examination, I could see two rather (b) _________looking men outside House Number 5. I felt certain these men were in the middle of (c)____ a crime, so I stopped my car round the corner and walked (d) ________over to the two suspects. By this time I was in no (e) ________ that a robbery was taking place. I quietly spoke to the (f)____________ of police on my radio to inform him that two men had (g) __ _ into a house and were trying to steal what looked like a television. At that moment the criminals saw me. I warned them not to move and told them I was (h)______ them for robbery. I informed them that they could (i) ___________silent if they wished and that they could phone their (j)______________ from the police station. The men said they weren't (k)_______ and that they were just borrowing their friend's TV. "You can tell that to the judge when you get to (1)_____________ " I said. 


Look at the table below, showing the different meanings of connectors. Put words from the box into the correct categories. Some have been done for you as examples.

Answer the following question by ticking the correct option. 

The only change in Birlstone in years has been _________ 

Listen to the song and check whether you have guessed right in Question 1.  Listen again until you are ready to sing along with it. 


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