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Listen to the Passage ‘Wetlands, an Important Ecosystem’ and Complete the Following Flowchart : - English Core


Listen to the passage ‘Wetlands, an Important Ecosystem’ and complete the following flowchart :

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(a) marshes
(b) oases
(c) mud flats
( d) paddy fields
(e) 1. rivers 2. lakes 3. lagoons 4. mangroves 5. coral reefs.
(f) 1. fish and shrimp farms 2. ponds 3. irrigated land like paddy fields 4. salt pans 5. reservoirs.
(g) 1. checking floods 2. preventing soil erosion 3. reclaiming land 4. breeding marine organisms like
shrimps etc 5. preventing siltation of water ways 6. erosion of forests 7. providing the source of water.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative (Main Course Book Interact in English)
Chapter 4.1 Treading The Green Path - Towards Preservation
Q 5 | Page 131
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