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List the Widely Used Methods for Solid Waste Treatment. Explain Any One in Details. - Environmental Studies

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List the widely used methods for solid waste treatment. Explain any one in details.

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The management of solid waste is very essential for the sustainable growth of human civilization. The major considerations in solid waste management are public health and environmental conservation. Solid waste management is basically a three step process which includes collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste. It involves several practices like source reduction, recycling, composting, landfilling, and incineration. Incineration:
1. Incineration is a waste treatment technology, which includes the combustion of
waste for recovering energy. Incineration coupled with high temperature waste
treatments are recognized as thermal treatment.

2. During the process of incineration, the waste material that is treated is converted
in to gases, particles and heat. These products are later used for generation of
electricity. The gases, flue gases are first treated for removal of pollutants before
going in to atmosphere.

3. Incineration reduces the mass of the waste from 95 to 96 percent. This reduction
depends upon the recovery degree and composition of materials. This means that
incineration however, does not replace the need for landfilling but it reduced the
amount to be thrown in it.

4. Incineration comes with a number of benefits in specific areas like medical wastes
and other life risking waste. In this process, toxins are destroyed when waste is
treated with high temperature.

5. Incinerator can be understood more precisely as a furnace where waste is burnt.
Modern incinerators are equipped with pollution improvement systems, which
play their part in cleaning up the flue gas and such toxicants.

Concept: Solid Waste
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