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List the Uses of Bacteria in the Food Industry. - Biology

Answer in Brief

List the uses of bacteria in the food industry.

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The bacterial action is involved in the following industrial processes.

  1. In the manufacture of vinegar, butter and cheese.
  2. The process of tanning hides in leather making and preparing sponges.
  3. The separation of flax and hemp fibres which are used for making linen cloth and ropes.
  4. Fermentation of green plants for the production of ensilage for animal food.
  5. Bacteria are used for forming lactic acid, vinegar, citric acid, and vitamins.
  6. For formation of antibiotics, serums and vaccines, vitamin B complex.
Concept: Bacteria: Uses of Bacteria in Food Industry.
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Selina Concise Biology Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 9 Food Production
Long Answer Questions | Q 8 | Page 95
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