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List Two Reasons for Carbon Forming a Large Number of Compounds. Name the Type of Bonding Found in Most of Its Compounds. Why Does Carbon Form Compounds Mainly by this Kind of Bonding? - Science

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List two reasons for carbon forming a large number of compounds. Name the type of bonding found in most of its compounds. Why does carbon form compounds mainly by this kind of bonding?

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The two characteristic properties of the carbon element which leads to the formation of a very large number of organic compounds are Catenation and Tetravalency.

Catenation:- Carbon has the unique ability to form bonds with other atoms of carbon, giving rise to large molecules. This property is called catenation.

Tetravalency:- Carbon has a valency of four. So, it is capable of bonding with four other atoms of carbon or atoms of some other mono-valent element.

Covalent bonding is found in most of the carbon compounds.

Carbon form compounds mainly by covalent bonding because-

The bonds that carbon forms with most other elements are very strong making these compounds exceptionally stable. One reason for the formation of strong bonds by carbon is its small size. This enables the nucleus to hold on to the shared pairs of electrons strongly. The bonds formed by elements having larger atoms are much weaker.

Concept: Chains, Branches and Rings of Carbon Compound
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