List Two Important Roles Play in the Environment By Decomposers. - Science

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List two important roles play in the environment by decomposers.

 What is the role of decomposers in the ecosystem?

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Solution 1

Role of decomposers:-

They recycle matter by breaking down the organic remains and waste products of plants and animals. These recycled matter are washed up and enter the soil from where plants absorb the nutrients again.

It also converts the waste matter back to unstable form.

Solution 2

Various role played by decomposers in the ecosystem are:

  • They clean the environment.
  • They decompose biodegradable substances into useful substances.
  • They release nutrients into soil by decomposing dead and decaying matter, thus making the soil fertile.
  • They maintain the nutrient pool by returning back the nutrients in the pool.

Solution 3

Decomposers are microorganisms that act on dead and decaying bodies of producers and consumers and break them into simple inorganic compounds. They absorb some of the substances and release the rest into the environment to be recycled and to be used in future by producers. Thus, decomposers have a key role in the cycling of material in the biosphere and provide the raw materials to the producers. So in this way they make the soil fertile.

Concept: Food Chain
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Chapter 15: Our Environment - Intext Questions [Page 260]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 15 Our Environment
Intext Questions | Q 2 | Page 260

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