List Two Example of Each Diseases Caused Due to (I) Bacterial Infection and (II) Viral Infection. Which Device Or Devices May Be Used to Prevent the Spread of Such Diseases. - Science


List two example of each diseases caused due to (i) bacterial infection and (ii) viral infection. Which device or devices may be used to prevent the spread of such diseases.



Examples of STDs caused by bacterial infection:-

1. Gonorrhoea

2. Syphilis

Examples of STDs caused by viral infection:-

1. Herpes

2. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Contraceptive devices such as condom can be used to prevent the spread of STDs. Condoms are made of a thin rubber, which is used to cover the penis and the vagina in males and females, respectively.

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Find the odd one out and write it: vagina, uterus, vas deferens, ovary

Explain the process of fertilization in human beings.

Explain the process of development in human beings.

Explain the process of birth in human beings.

Write the functions of the following organs of reproduction:
a. Ovaries
b. Seminal vesicle and prostate glands

Name any three parts of the female reproductive system in human beings. Write one function of each.

Describe placenta structure.

State the changes that take place in the uterus when Female gamete/egg is not fertilised

Differentiate between Sperm duct and fallopian rube (function)

A single highly coiled tube where sperms are stored gets concentrated, and mature is known as ______

fill in the blanks with suitable functions: Seminiferous Tubule and _____

The site of maturation of human sperms is the

Where is the male gamete formed  in humans?

Mention two functions  of human testes.

Explain why, fertilisation is possible if mating takes place during the middle of menstrual cycle.

Which one of the following best describes the function of the umbilical cord? It :
(a) feeds the embryo with digested substances.
(b) conveys nutrients and wastes to and from the embryo respectively
(c) removes waste matter from the embryo to the mother's blood.
(d) supplies oxygenated blood from the mother to the embryo.

The ratio of the number of chromosomes in a human zygote and a human sperm is ______

The germ cell A produced by a person X is round in shape and it fuses with another germ cell B having a long tail and produced by a person Y. The fusion of A and B produces a new cell C. The cell C divides repeatedly and grows inside the organ D of person X to form E in which the body features of the unborn baby are not much developed. E grows further to form F in which the various body features of the unborn baby (like hands, legs, head, eyes, and ears, etc.) can be identified. F grows further and ultimately forms a baby. What are A, B, C, D, E and F? Out of the two persons X and Y, which one is male and which one female?

The normal gestation period in humans is:

Mention the two functions of human testis.

Fill in the blank. 

In humans, sperm production occurs in the organ ----------------. 

Fill in the blank. 

 In humans, ------ chromosome is responsible for maleness. 

Fill in the blank. 

 In male and female reproductive system of human, ------------- gland is same. 

Fill in the blank.

Pollen grains are formed by ______ division in locules of anthers. 

Give the names.

Any two sexual diseases. 

Give the name:

Methods of family planning.

Gender of child is determined  by the male partner of couple. Explain with reasons whether this statement is true or false.

Sketch and label human female reproductive system.
Is the woman responsible for sex-determination of child? Justify your answer.

“Gender of child is determined by the male partner of couple”. Draw a diagram explaining the above statement.

State whether the following statement is true or false:
Oviducts and fallopian tubes are one and the same thing.

Choose the correct answer:
First menstrual cycle is known as ___________

Name the following:
Male and Female organs on specific individuals.

Define the following:    

Name the organs of the human male reproductive system and state the functions of any two organs.

Name the Following

Days in the human gestation period.

Choose the Odd One Out:

Choose the Odd One Out:

Choose the Odd One Out:

The mature sperms are stored in the ____________.

The male homologue of the female clitoris is ____________.

What is inhibin? State its functions.

Mention the importance of the position of the testes in humans.

What is the composition of semen?

The following is the illustration of the sequence of ovarian events (a-i) in a human female.

Write the difference between C and H.

Reproductive organs are also considered endocrine glands.

If for some reason, the vasa efferentia in the human reproductive system get blocked, the gametes will NOT be transported form ______

Testosterone is produced by:

Distinguish between Vasa efferentia and Vasa deferentia.


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