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List Two Essential Roles of Ribosome During Translation - Biology

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ConceptConcept of Translation


List two essential roles of ribosome during translation.

Solution 1

The important functions of ribosome during translation are as follows.

(a) Ribosome acts as the site where protein synthesis takes place from individual amino acids. It is made up of two subunits.

The smaller subunit comes in contact with mRNA and forms a protein synthesizing complex whereas the larger subunit acts as an amino acid binding site.

(b) Ribosome acts as a catalyst for forming peptide bond. For example, 23s r-RNA in bacteria acts as a ribozyme.

Solution 2

Two essential roles of ribiosomes during translation are :-

(i)they provide surface for binding of mRNA in the groove of smaller sub unit of ribosome.

(ii)As larger sub unit of ribosome has peptidy transferase on its ‘P’ site, therefore, it helps in joining amino acids by forming peptide bonds. .

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 NCERT Solution for Biology Textbook for Class 12 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 6: Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Q: 9 | Page no. 125
Solution List Two Essential Roles of Ribosome During Translation Concept: Concept of Translation.
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