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List Two Differences Between Acquired Traits and Inherited Traits by Giving an Example of Each. - Science

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Distinguish Between

List two differences between acquired traits and inherited traits by giving an example of each.

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Differences between Acquired Traits and Inherited Traits

  Acquired Traits   Inherited Traits
i These are somatic variations. i These are genetic variations.
ii Acquired traits develop due to the effects of environmental factors, use and disguise of organs and special (conscious) efforts. ii Inherited traits develop due to a reshuffling of genetic material and mutations.
iii  These traits develop throughout the lifetime of an individual. iii These traits are transferred (inherited) by the parents to their offspring. 
iv  Example-Learning of dance, music, etc. and muscular body of a wrestler. iv Example-Attached or free earlobe and curly hair.
Concept: Evolution
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