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List two advantages of vegetative propagation. - Science

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Short Note

List two advantages of vegetative propagation.

List four advantages of vegetative propagation.

Explain any three advantages of vegetative propagation.

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Advantages of vegetative propagation:-

  • Only one parent is required for reproduction; this eliminates the need of special mechanisms (pollination).
  • Many plants are able to tide over unfavourable conditions because of the presence of vegetative reproductive parts like tubers, corm and bulbs.
  • Plants that do not produce seeds are propagated by this method, e.g., sugarcane and potato.
  • Vegetative propagation is a cheaper, easier and rapid method of propagation in plants than growing plants from their seeds. For example, lilies grow very slowly and take four to seven years to develop flowers when their seeds are grown, but flowers are produced only after a year or two when grown vegetatively.
  •  Useful traits can be preserved as genetically identical offsprings are produced.
  • Special mechanisms, such as pollination and the agents that help in pollination, are not needed as only one parent is required.
  • Seedless plants can be produced through vegetative propagation.
  • The trait (character) of the parent plant is preserved and the offspring are genetically identical.
Concept: Asexual Reproduction in Plant
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