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List three sources of magnetic fields.



Three sources of magnetic fields are as follows:

  1. Current-carrying conductors
  2. Permanent magnets
  3. Electromagnets
Concept: Magnetic Field
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Chapter 2: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - Exercise 4 [Page 103]


Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 2 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Exercise 4 | Q 14 | Page 103


Draw magnetic field lines around a bar magnet.

Why don’t two magnetic lines of force intersect each other?

Where do the manufactures use a magnetic strip in the refrigerator? Why is this magnetic strip used?

A magnet attracts:

The metallic pointer of a plotting compass gets deflected only when it is placed near a bar magnet because the pointer has:

The three diagrams in the following figure show the lines of force (field lines) between the poles of two magnets. Identify the poles A, B, C, D, E and F. 


Why does a freely suspended magnet always rest in a north-south direction?

Describe an experiment to show that the maximum attractive property is at the poles of a magnet?

Define the term magnetic field of a magnet. How will you recognize it experimentally?

Tick the most appropriate answer.

The region around a magnet where its magnetic force can be experienced is called

List two methods of producing magnetic fields.

The change in magnetic field lines in a coil is the cause of induced electric current in it. Name the underlying phenomenon.

Name and define the SI unit of current.

Fill in the blank.

Like poles ..................... each other.

A magnetic field can pass through _______and ______.

Write the answer to the following question:

Explain with the help of a diagram how the intensity and direction of the magnetic field of a bar magnet can be determined.

Give detailed information about how the merchants of olden times used a magnet while travelling.

The shape of the Earth’s magnetic field resembles that of an imaginary ______.

A compass is used for ______.

Define magnetic field.

The unit of magnetic flux density is ______.

The SI Unit of magnetic field induction is ______.

State Fleming’s Left Hand Rule.

Convert 1 tesla into gauss.

Write a note on:

Compass needle

A magnetic field exerts no force on ______.

The magnetic field inside a ______ is uniform. 

The ______ produces its own magnetic field, which shields the earth’s ozone layer from the ______ and is important in navigation.

The magnetic field at a point is ______ to the magnetic field lines.

The magnetic field lines due to a straight wire carrying current are parallel.

The force on a charged particle moving in a magnetic field is maximum when the angle between the direction of motion and field is 90°.

Define magnetic shielding.

A wire placed along north south direction carries a current of 5A from south to north. Find the magnetic field due to a 1m piece of wire at a point 200 cm north east from the piece.

Draw magnetic field lines produced around a straight current carrying conductor passing through a cardboard. How will the strength of the magnetic field change when the point where magnetic field is to be determined is moved away from the conductor?


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