List Three Problems Which Arise Due to Construction of Big Dams. Suggest a Solution of These Problems. - Science

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List three problems which arise due to construction of big dams. Suggest a solution of these problems.

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The three types of problems that arise because of the construction of big dams are:

(i) Environmental problems:- Construction of dams across rivers leads to deforestation, which results in the loss of biodiversity. This disturbs the natural ecosystem.

Solution:- We should plant more and more trees.

(ii) Social problems:- Construction of dams involves the building of large reservoirs. In some cases, constructing a reservoir may result in the flooding of nearby towns and villages. A large number of people get displaced as a direct consequence of the construction of reservoirs. In such cases, the government has to rehabilitate the people living in these areas, which, in itself, is a huge task.

Solution:- The government should first relocate the people to a safer place where they can continue with their daily work. If, in case, the life of the people gets affected, the government should provide proper compensation to those people.

(iii) Economic problems:- Construction of dams requires a huge amount of monetary investments.

Solution:- Construction of dams can be profitable if they are used for the generation of electricity.

Concept: Water Management (Conservation of Water) - Fresh Water Management
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2013-2014 (March) Delhi Set 2

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