List Three Main Factors Responsible for the Speciation and Briefly Describe Each One of Them - Science


List three main factors responsible for the speciation and briefly describe each one of them



The process by which new species develop from the existing species is known as speciation. The important factors which could lead to speciation are:-

i. Geographical isolation of a population caused by various type of barriers such as mountain ranges, rivers and seas.

ii. Genetic drift caused by drastic changes in the frequencies of particular genes by chance alone.

iii. Variations caused in individuals due to natural selection.

Concept: Speciation
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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 3

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Struggle between cow and cow to get grass is called ______.

What factors could lead to the rise of a new species?

List four factors that could lead to speciation. Which of them cannot be a major factor in the speciation of a self-pollinating plant species?. Give reason to justify your answer.

Name one reptile in given case where higher incubation temperature leads to the development of  female progeny.


State one advantage of variation to a species.

What name is given to the sequence of gradual changes over millions of years in which new species are produced?


Name an animal having rudimentary eyes.

Name the ancestor of the following :
Broccoli, Kohlrabi, Kale

List any two factors that could lead to speciation.

Read the following statement and justify same in your own words with the help of suitable example.

Geographical and reproductive isolation of organisms gradually leads to speciation.

Very short answer question.

Define Speciation.

What is species and speciation?

Define speciation according to A.E. Emerson and explain its types giving suitable examples.

In the following Question, the Assertion and Reason have been put forward. Read the statements carefully and choose the correct alternative from the following:

Assertion: Speciation is the reproductive isolation amongst once interbreeding population.

Reason: Genetic drift, Natural selection, and Severe DNA change can cause speciation.

The theory of evolution of species by natural selection was given by

Cichlid fishes in Lake Victoria are representatives of ______ type of speciation.

Add a note on allopatric speciation.

Add a note on sympatric speciation.

Complete the following chart:

  Animals Connecting link between
(1) Balanoglossus ______
(2) ______ Annelida and Arthropoda
(3) Lung fishes ______
(4) ______ Reptiles and mammals
(5) Seymouria ______
(6)   Fishes and Amphibia

Arrange the major events as per geological time scale:

(Origin of conifers, Abundance of trilobites, Diversification of fishes, All types of marine algae, Formation of Forests, Rise of dinosaurs, Extinction of seed ferns, Rise of modern insects.)

  Geological time
Major events
1. Cambrian ______
2. Devonian ______
3. Permian ______
4. Triassic ______


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