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List the steps for preparing vermicompost. - Science

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Answer in Brief

Explain one way of recycling of waste paper.

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  1. Collect old newspapers, magazines, used notebooks, envelopes and tom out used papers.
  2. Make small pieces of paper of these items and put them in a bucket or any other container submerged in water for one or two days.
  3. Make thick paste of wet paper by pounding it. Spread the waste paste on the wire mesh fixed to the frame. You can use a large-sized seive in place of a frame.
  4. Pat the layer of paste gently to make the layer of the paste as uniform as possible. You may spread an old cloth or a sheet of newspaper on the paste to soak up the extra water.
  5. Remove the layer of paste from the frame and spread it on a sheet of newspaper in the sun. Put some weight on the comers of the newspaper so that these do not curl up.
    You can decorate the paper by adding food colours, dried leaves, flower petals or pieces of coloured paper in the paste.
    This will help you to get a recycled paper with beautiful patterns on it.
Concept: Recycling of Paper
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