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List the components of storage manager. - Accounts

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Answer in Brief

List the components of storage manager.

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A storage manager is a program module that is responsible for storing, retrieving and updating data in the database.

Following are the components of the storage manager;

  1. Authorization and Integrity Manager: It tests the integrity constraints and checks the authorization of users to access data.
  2. Transaction Manager: It ensures that no kind of change will be brought to the database until a transaction has been completed totally.
  3. File Manager: It manages the allocation of space on disk storage and the data structures used to represent information stored on disk.
  4. Buffer Manager: It decides which data is in need to be cached in the main memory and then fetch it up in main memory. This is very important as it defines the speed at which the database can be used.
Concept: Concept of Database Management System (DBMS)
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