Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard
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List the characters in the story and write a few lines about each of them. - English

Answer in Brief

List the characters in the story and write a few lines about each of them.

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  1. Dorothy is the girl who was whisked by the cyclone. She is whisked along with her dog Toto. Both of them land in the wonderful Land of Oz. She is friendly by nature. She is sweet and simple.
  2. Tin Woodman has come to the wonderful Land of Oz. He needs a heart. He knows that only the Wizard of Oz can help him out. He helps in the journey to the land of Oz. He uses his axe to chop a tree to create a bridge for his friends. He also helps in putting an end to the snarling brutes.
  3. The Scarecrow wants brains from the Wizard of Oz. He feels he lacks brains. He proves to be intelligent when he gives ideas to escape from difficulties.
  4. The cowardly lion makes friends with Dorothy. He says that he lacks bravery. He wishes the Wizard of Oz to give him courage. Though he is a coward, he proves himself courageous in many situations and helps the others with him.
Concept: Reading Skill (5th Standard)
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Balbharati English 5th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 21 The Journey to the Great Oz
Things to do | Q 2 | Page 56
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