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List the Materials Used to Make Beads in the Harappan Civilisation. Describe the Process by Which Any One Kind of Bead Was Made. - History

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List the materials used to make beads in the Harappan Civilisation. Describe the process by which any one kind of bead was made.

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Making beads was an important craft of the Harappan people. It was mainly prevalent in Chanhudaro.

Materials for making beads included beautiful red coloured stone-like camelian, jasper, crystal, quartz and steatite. Besides these, use of copper, bronze, gold, shell, faience, terracotta or burnt clay was also used.Process of making beads Making of beads differed as per the materials used. Beads had variety*of shapes. They did not make geometrical shapes like one made of harder stones.

Nodules were to be chipped for making rough shapes. They were finally flaked into the final form.

By firing the yellowish raw material, the red colour of camelian was obtained. Grinding, polishing and drilling constituted the last phase. Chanhudaro, Lothal and Dholavira were famous for specialized drilling.

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NCERT Class 12 History - Themes in Indian History
Chapter 1 Bricks, Beads And Bones: The Harappan Civilisation
Exercise | Q 4 | Page 26
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