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List Five Plant Growth Hormones and Briefly Describe Their Roles. - Biology

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Short Note

List five plant growth hormones and briefly describe their roles.

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Plant growth hormones and their roles:

Plant growth hormones



  • Promote elongation and the growth of stems and roots
  • Promote cell division in vascular cambium
  • Auxins of the apical bud inhibit the growth of lateral buds (apical dominance)


  • Stimulate cell division and prevent the onset of senescence in tissues
  • Stimulate cell division
  • Break dormancy of seeds
  • Delay senescence of leaves and other organs
  • Promote growth of lateral buds


  • Enhance the longitudinal growth of the stem
  • Cause stem elongation and leaf expansion but have no effect on roots
  • Break dormancy of buds and tubers
  • Cause delay in senescence
  • Promote elongation of internodes in sugarcane



  • Inhibits the growth of lateral buds and causes apical dominance
  • Breaks the dormancy of buds and seeds
  • Associated with the process of ageing of plant organs such as yellowing of leaves

Abscisic acid

  • Induces dormancy in buds, stems and seeds
  • Induces and maintains dormancy in many seeds
  • Inhibits flowering in short-day plants
  • Inhibits cell division and cell elongation
Concept: The Physiological Effects of Plant Hormones
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Selina Concise Biology Class 10 Icse
Chapter 7 Chemical coordination in plants
Long answer type | Q 2 | Page 89
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