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List the Factors that You Think Inhibit Tourists from Coming to India. Find Practical Solutions to Each of Them. Give Reasons to Support Your Solutions . - English Core

One Line Answer

On the basis of your reading of the passage above, answer the following question : 

 List the factors that you think inhibit tourists from coming to India. Find practical solutions to each of them. Give reasons to support your solutions .

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1. The following factors inhibit tourists from coming to India.
(a) our attitude
(b) mistreatment
(c) cheating
(d} rude behaviour
(e) dirty streets and places
(f} bad road conditions
The reasons are obvious. lnspite of our great wealth of tourist spots and cultural attractions we are not able to attract enough number of tourists. The truth is that our bad behaviour spreads like wildfire and inhibits  foreign tourists to visit our great country. When one foreign lady tourist was killed, we got such a bad name  all over the world. Then, the tourists who come here complain about the conditions when they return to their respective countries.

The solution is to bring about change.

Our attitude should be that guests are no burden but a blessing and God-send. They should be treated well. Let us remember to treat others as we want to be treated. Taxi drivers and such other people often cheat these tourists. The public should keep an eye on these things. The police should assure speedy action on the culprits. Common men are not always very kind to the tourists, particularly if they are from an undeveloped country. We should remember that a guest is a guest whatever the colour, creed or nationality.  Our behaviour should be polite to everyone but specially to a foreign tourist. The way we treat with such a  tourist with enhances or lowers the great name of our country abroad. 

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