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List the Criteria a Molecule that Can Act as Genetic Material Must Fulfill. Which One of the Criteria Are Best Fulfilled by Dna Or by Rna Thus Making One of Them a Better Genetic Material than the Other? Explain. - Biology

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List the criteria a molecule that can act as genetic material must fulfill. Which one of the criteria are best fulfilled by DNA or by RNA thus making one of them a better genetic material than the other? Explain.

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There are various criteria that a molecule must meet in order to be a genetic material. The criteria are as follows:

1. It should be a stable molecule present in every cell of the body in equal amount.
2. It should be able to make copies of itself.
3. It should have the ability to be passed on to the next progeny of cell.
4. It should be able to express the information present in the cell.

DNA is located only in the nucleus of the cell, while RNA is present in the cytoplasm as well. DNA, being deoxyribose, is a more stable molecule, while RNA is more prone to hydrolysis. Thus, increased stability gives DNA an edge over RNA for being the genetic material.

Concept: Search for Genetic Material - Properties of Genetic Material (DNA Versus RNA)
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