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List the Conclusions You Will Draw While Studying the Following Properties of Ethanoic Acid : - Science

Answer in Brief

List the conclusions you will draw while studying the following properties of ethanoic acid : 

(a) Odour

(b) Solubility in water

(c) Effect on litmus paper

(d) Reaction with sodium hydrogen carbonate 

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Properties of Ethanoic Acid (CH3COOH) 

(a) Odour : It has pungent smell.

(b) Solubity in water It is soluble in water due to the formation of hydrogen bonding.

(c) Effect on litmus paper 

∗ It turns blue litmus red, indicating that it is acidic in nature

CH3COOH \[\rightleftharpoons\] `CH_3COO^(-) + H^+`

∗ When dissolved in water, acetic acid undergoes dissociation to form `H^+` ion .  Due to the release of  `H^+` , CH3COOH is acidic in nature . 

(d)  Reaction with sodium hydrogen carbonate

  CH3COOH + NaOHCO→ CH3COONa + CO2(g) + H2O(l)

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