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List any 10 instruction to follow while welding and object.



The instructions that should be followed while welding is as follows:

  1. Prohibit welding in areas with broken sprinkler or fire systems, places with explosive atmosphere, and exposed or easily ignitable materials.
  2. All types of welding create sparks, so remove wood and fuel from the work area.
  3. Always have working fire extinguishers, sprinkler, and fire systems installed and checked frequently.
  4. careful of welding-related fumes that build up and the smaller the workplace area, the faster the fumes will build up. Make sure you work in well-ventilated areas and maintain healthy breathing zones.
  5. Respirators should be available in tight areas and mechanical ventilation should be in all areas where welding takes place.
  6. Speciality tinted goggles should be worn all welding operations.
  7. Special helmets with removable filters and cover plates should be readily available and safety glasses should be checked for cracks and other defects before the welding process begins.
  8. Wearing ear muffs or ear plugs should be mandatory to protect against loud noises.
  9. Leather gloves should fit the welder’s hands and clamps or holders should be used when the welding process becomes too hot to use the gloves.
  10. When cutting, always direct the spark away from you and others.
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