List 2 Situation Which Could Occur in Your Personal Life Where You Would Choose to Speak Rather than Write. Explain the Reason for Your Choice. - Communication Skills

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List 2 situation which could occur in your personal life where you would choose to speak rather than write. Explain the reason for your choice.



The situation which could occur in my personal life where I would choose to speak rather than write are as follows:

1.In school during viva: When we are in school and presenting our answer in front of ourteacher I would choose to speak with teacher on the give specific point. As it is short time period of communication I would prefer to speak rather than writing.

2.Taking advice with doctors: When we are sick we fetch to the doctor for the help. When wecommunicate with doctor we communicate with in our mother toung and explain our problems in front of doctor which could be easily understood by the doctor , instead of choosing to write we can communicate in faster method by mean of speaking.

Concept: Concept and Meaning of Communication Theory
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