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List 10 Modern-day Animals and Using the Internet Resources Link It to a Corresponding Ancient Fossil. Name Both - Biology

List 10 modern-day animals and using the internet resources link it to a corresponding ancient fossil. Name both.

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Solution 1

The modern day animals and their ancient fossils are listed in the following table.

  Animal Fossil
1 Man Ramapithecus
2 Horse Eohippus
3 Dog Leptocyon
4 Camel Protylopus
5 Elephant Moerithers
6 Whale Protocetus
7 Fish Arandaspis
8 Tetrapods Icthyostega
9 Bat Archaeonycteris
10 Giraffe Palaeotragus

Solution 2

  1. Cockroach, Limulus (king crab), Neopilina, Latimaria (Fish) are fossil that has remain unchanged over years.
  2. Trilobites- fossil arthropods
  3. Lung fishes – connecting link between fishes and amphibians
  4. Peripatus – connecting link between annelids and arthropods .
  5. Woody mammoth – ice fossils
  6. Gastropods – mould and cast fossil
  7. Giant elk – amber fossil of asphalt
  8. Dinosaur footprint – imprints
Concept: Brief Account of Evolution
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NCERT Class 12 Biology Textbook
Chapter 7 Evolution
Q 6 | Page 142
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