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Lifetimes of the Molecules in the Excited States Are Often Measured by Using Pulsed Radiation Source of Duration Nearly in the Nano Second Range Calculate the Energy of the Source - Chemistry

Lifetimes of the molecules in the excited states are often measured by using pulsed radiation source of duration nearly in the nano second range. If the radiation source has the duration of 2 ns and the number of photons emitted during the pulse source is 2.5 × 1015, calculate the energy of the source.

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Frequency of radiation (ν),

`v = 1/(2.0 xx 10^(9))`

`v = 5.0 xx 10^8 s^(-1)`

Energy (E) of source = Nhν


N = number of photons emitted

h = Planck’s constant

ν = frequency of radiation

Substituting the values in the given expression of (E):

E = (2.5 × 1015) (6.626 × 10–34 Js) (5.0 × 108 s–1)

E = 8.282 × 10–10 J

Hence, the energy of the source (E) is 8.282 × 10–10 J.

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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 2 Structure of Atom
Q 49 | Page 68
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