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Letter Writing : Imagine You Are Dipesh/Disha Shastri, Residing at J.M. Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. Write A Letter Based on the Given - English

Answer in Brief

Letter writing :
Imagine you are Dipesh/Disha Shastri, residing at J.M. Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. Attempt any one letter based on the given advertisement:
Blood Donation Camp
Donate Blood - Save Lives :
• Blood means life
• A noble work
• Higher requirement
• Can bring smile on many faces
Venue: F.C. Road, Pune
Date : 5th March
Time : 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Contact : The Secretary, Lions Club, Pune

Formal Letter   Informal Letter
Write a letter to 'The Secretary
requesting him to enroll your name for the Blood Donation Camp.
OR Write a letter to your friend
Manish/Manisha appealing him or her to donate generously. Tell him/her the importance of Blood Donation.
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Dipesh/ Disha Shastri,
J.M. Road,
Shivaji Nagar,
02nd March, 2019

The Secretary,
Lions Club

Subject : Letter to request to enroll for Blood Donation Camp in ‘Gokuldham’ Society.

With due respect, I, Dipesh/Disha Shastri, the resident of ‘Gokuldham’ Society requests you to enroll your name in the Blood Donation Camp that we are organizing for the Blood Bank Group. The Camp is on 05th March, 2019 at F.C. Road, Pune and the timing is from 10:00 am till 06:00 pm.
Although we know that you are bound in a very busy schedule, its a humble request from all of us if you find some time to attend the camp and be a part of this good cause.

Hope you will consider my request and reply in positive terms.

Thanking you is anticipation.

Yours truly,
Dipesh/Disha Shastri
Committee Member
Gokuldham Society


26, Rose Villa,
Bandra (W)

53, Darshan Apt.,
05th March, 2019

Dear Manish/Manisha,
Hi! Hope you are fine. How is everyone at home? I know I am writing to you after a long time as even I was busy with exam preparations.
I am writing this letter to share some information about Blood Donation which I have been doing since two years. Donating is the speciality of Indian culture and as many of us donate several things even donating blood is one of them. Donating blood does not impact your body and this negative mindset of people. In fact, donating blood is good for health as our human body produces fresh blood regularly.
As you know these day, there are lot of accident cases and emergencies where people need blood. We all can come together and help few of them. Our society is organizing Blood Donation Camp on 05th March, 2019 at F.C. Road, Pune. The timing is 10:00 am to 06:00 pm. So, I want you to participate in this Blood Donation Camp and donate blood. Be a part of this good cause. Remember the date, time & venue mentioned.

Please give my regards to Uncle and Aunt. Give my love to sonu.

Dipesh/ Disha.

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